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Scarpafit is a smartphone based 3D-body scanning technology for the footwear business developed by lexoro. It offers a seamless integration of shoe lovers into commerce and manufacturing processes. Using the onboard camera technology of modern smartphones in combination with artificial intelligence and machine learning it provides deformable foot models with a high accuracy for automatic measurement and automatic fitting.

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In this short video you will learn more about the functionality of Scarpafit. It shows how to scan your foot and what final calculations are made in the cloud to accurately calculate the dimensions of your foot.


Cloud Based AI Technology

Smartphone based 3D Body Scanning Technology for end to end Digitization in combination with AI technology and machine learning.

  • Smartphone Scan (Foot Scan via Smartphone)
  • 3D Rendering in the cloud with AI Technology / Machine Learning
  • Automatic Segmentation / Measurement
  • Automatic Mapping to shoe lasts
  • E-Commerce & CAD / CAM Integration

Leading Technology

Scarpafit is the technology leader in creating a 3D deformable
foot model with high accuracy for automatic measurement and automatic fitting.


Smartphone based scanning using one camera, dual cameras or a time of flight sensor.


Automatic calibration for measurement the objects by simultaneous use of cameras of dual camera smartphones or the time of flight sensor.


Automatic filtering out of all objects except the foot itself.


Conversion of the smartphone video scan in 3d wireframe.

Foot Model

Registration of the 3d wireframe to a deformable foot model with the help of AI and machine learning.


Automatic measurement of the entire foot last and provision of values such as foot size, foot width, and instep height.


Achievable exactness to millimeters and continues to improve with machine learning with the number of scans.


Automatic fit by comparing the consumer deformable foot model with manufacturer shoe lasts.


Significant enhancement of CAD/CAM shoe development through the use of shoe last measurement data.


Integration into e-Commerce complemented with a deep understanding of the footwear buyer journey built on 18 years experience in selling mass customized sport shoes.


Why Scarpafit is unique

Lexoro has started the process of registering a global patent. By outlining how the technology differentiates from today's perspective:


Smartphone based

A superior technology which scans a foot with a smartphone camera (Android and iOS) with the result of a 3D deformable foot model (flexible and suitable for mass use).

High accuracy

A superior technology that derives the 3D deformable foot model from a smartphone scan with accuracy in millimeters in terms of shoe size and diverse attribute generation such as length, width, height, etc.

No need for references

The only product that performs a scan with a smartphone without the need for reference objects such as socks, paper or coins for calibration and segmentation (easy, fault tolerant usability for consumers).

Flexible execution

The only product that allows a flexible execution without having to follow a prescribed path for scanning. The user can freely and flexibly scan his foot (easy to use).

Highspeed calculations

The speed of determining the total foot model is by far the fastest in the market (average: 10 minutes; Lexoro: seconds, by using AI processing reference scans maintained in the cloud).
Business Benefits

Increase Effiency, Profit & Revenue

51% of shoes ordered online will be returned at the seller's expense. Scarpafit significantly decreases these costs.

  • Decrease returns
  • Enhance wearing comfort
  • Prettify look
  • Optimize buyer journey & marketing
  • Improve customer experience & satisfaction
  • End to End Digitization

Cost, Revenue & Efficiency Impact

Potential cost savings applying scarpafit technology: 200+ Mio €.

Cost Impact of return

  • Fulfillment Cost Ratio (% of Revenue): 25,9%
  • Average return footwear: 51%
  • Footwear return due to wrong fit: 68%
  • E.g. footwear return cost for an e-Commerce Retailer: 592 M€ (4.500 M€ revenue).
  • Return cost due to wrong fit: 403 M€.
  • The wrong fit return is caused by the unprecise shoe size charts.
  • Solution is to use much more precise 3D wireframes within the shopping process.
  • Several attempts to generate 3D foot wireframes failed due to unsatisfactory usability scanning feet (e.g. stationary scanning, complex smartphone calibration, …) and missing accuracy.

Revenue Impact

  • Prosperous Customer Journey due to instant fit.
  • Improved Customer Experience/Satisfaction due to higher wearing comfort.
  • Higher Customer Retention and Loyalty as footwear better meets consumer expectations.
  • Deeper Insights about Target Groups by knowing their real feet.
  • Improved Target Group Segmentation e.g. by continent/region.
  • More Successful Digital Marketing while being present on the consumer end device.
  • Improved Competitiveness.
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Cost.

Efficiency Impact

  • Automatic fit by comparing the individual consumer foot last with manufacturer shoe lasts.
  • Significantly improves online sales.
  • Optimize footwear development by incorporating foot last measurement data into CAD/CAM.
  • Optimization of warehousing and supply chains in retail.
  • Better targeted marketing due to deeper insights about target groups.

Value Proposition

Scarpafit for

01 Lover

Improved customer satisfaction and buyer journey because shoes fit right away, fit better, are more comfortable to wear or taking into account health aspects.
Scarpafit for

02 Maker

Less rejects, overstock and dead products due to optimized production processes. Greater customer satisfaction through better wearing comfort, prettified look or individualized production e.g. considering health aspects.
Scarpafit for

03 Retailer

Improved shopping experience as ordered clothing instantly increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. Decrease in returns, reduction of overstock and working capital. Increase of profit.


We look forward to your interest and are always available to answer your questions. Yours sincerely from Lexoro.

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